Plásticos Magno

Brazilian industry acting in the market of rigid and flexible plastic packaging for the agrochemical segment.
It has an industrial park with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, its own lab for tests and trials, and it is constantly updating to ensure quality, safety, and competitiveness in the production of Inmetro-certified packaging.


Since 1996

Through permanent investments in technology, services, and employee training, Magno has been helping the pesticide and plant nutrition industry to overcome the challenges of agribusiness, offering reliable packaging, and being committed to planning and punctuality in deliveries.
We are always evolving, prospecting opportunities, paying attention to the needs of each client, and creating packaging solutions.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 certified company meeting management and quality control standards, which qualifies the company to supply the agribusiness.


Quality Policy

   Mission: To provide packaging that meets quality standards, ensuring customer needs and satisfaction, through continuous improvement.

  Vision: To be the best market option for customers and suppliers, being a company that meets the commitments undertaken.

  Values: To ensure the best understanding of roles and responsibilities in order to achieve the company's objectives, reducing operational limitations, and striving for respect, transparency, integrity, and teamwork.



To understand and meet the customers' needs, this includes identifying and anticipating opportunities to create solutions in intelligent and safe packaging.
Always offering each customer the product that best fits their needs, helping to ensure more competitiveness and sustainability to their business.