Industrial Park

Formed by modern equipment and different production processes, it allows to meet the line of liquid or granulated (powder) products for the agribusiness industry with speed, reliability, and simplicity, besides reducing the packaging development time.

  Cutting and Welding;
  Labeling (application of labels and inserts).


Fluorinated Packaging

Fluorination is a process that modifies the packaging surface, providing chemical resistance and a barrier against solvents in agricultural formulations. This surface change reduces the permeation of solvents and active ingredients.
The fluorination allows the reduction of the packaging weight, bringing gains in the logistic cost and in the disposal at INPEV (National Institute for Empty Packaging Processing), a 100% recyclable product.
The treatment of the packaging provides more competitive prices when compared to coextruded (multilayer) packaging, besides the gain in environmental responsibility.

  Prevents loss of content;
   Chemical resistance;
  Prevents label peeling off;
  Preserves product integrity;
  Solvent barrier (D-Limonene);
  Protects product shelf life;
  Odor containment;
  INMETRO (UN) certified;
  100% recyclable.


Testing Lab

Complete infrastructure composed of trained and qualified professionals, own laboratory equipped and updated with a research and development department, and rigorous quality control.
Differentials that allow us to grow in tune with the needs of our customers and the market.
Packages produced and tested constantly to meet the requirements of ANTT resolution 420/04 and decree 326/06 for transportation of hazardous products.

Micro-Hole Test;
Weight Test 100%;
Visual Inspection;
COF Test;
Drop test;
Thickness Test.
Hydraulic Pressure;
 Stress Cracking;
Neck Flatness (Perpendicularity);
Permeability Test ; 
Delamination Test.